Workplace Diversity Session with Dharshi Lacey

As London becomes increasingly diverse so will our workplaces. Organizations that plan for this increased diversity will create an environment for a strong work culture and a productive and innovative workplace. In this interactive session we will reflect on how our own cultural context impacts our actions when we deal with differences and discuss strategies to manage these situations more effectively.

An immigrant from Sri Lanka, Dharshi Lacey holds a B.A. in Business and Economics. She has over 20 years experience working in the London community in the nonprofit sector.
Dharshi is a Certified Inter-Cultural Competency Trainer for the Cross Cultural Learner Centre. She has worked as a Diversity Consultant for Pillar Nonprofit Network, assisting the Pillar Board as well as other nonprofit boards to assess their organizations, cultural competency and develop action plans to develop more inclusive practices within their board recruitment, board policy, strategic planning and Executive Director accountabilities. She has sat on multiple nonprofit boards herself and currently sits as past Chair of the Board of Violence Against Women Services, Elgin County.

This event is available to dues paying PMA members only. Lunch will be provided.
(if you have an allergy, or dietary restriction, please email pma@uwo.ca after registering with details so that we may ensure that your restriction is accommodated )