Current Executive

Executive Fall 2016

Members of the Executive at the Fall 2016 Planning Retreat: Jo Jennings, Melanie Molnar, Maridon Duncanson, Chris Thompson, Betty Holme, Theresa Serwatuk, Nicole Girott, Julia Beltrano & Michelle Stubnya.

The PMA Executive is comprised of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Chairs of various committees.

Melanie Molnar President Fa
culty of Education
Julia Beltrano First Vice President Arts & Humanities
Nicole Girotti Second Vice-President RDS
Darlene Porter Secretary/Treasurer Faculty of Education
Deanne Babcock PPC Co-Chair Financial Services
Betty Holme PPC Co-Chair Schulich School of Med & Dentistry
Leslie Gloor Duncan Negotiations Co-Chair  Student Experience
Deanne Babcock Negotiations Co-Chair Financial Services
Deborah Coward Equity Co-Chair Student Support Services
Michelle Stubnya Communications Co-Chair Family Medicine
Jo Jennings Communications Co-Chair Arts & Humanities
Catherine Elliot Shaw Support Group  McIntosh Art Gallery

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