PMA History

History of the PMA

In June 1981 the fledgling PMA polled the 427 university staff who were eligible for membership in the organization. An analysis of the information obtained revealed a strong interest in the provision, or structuring, of opportunities to facilitate an individual’s professional growth and advancement.

In May 1982 an office was set up in the Stevenson-Lawson Building. The first administrative assistant was Marion Boyd.

In May 1982 a sub-committee was set up to investigate the acquisition of telephone answering equipment in order to received calls outside of office hours.

The original graphic design for the PMA masthead and membership card was designed in 1982 by PMA member and graphic artist Sandy Welland. The first dinner and theatre night was held October 14, 1982. Twenty-four people enjoyed dinner in Room 260 and later “much hearty laughter at the witty scenarios of the Second City group at Talbot Theatre.”

30th Anniversary Video

The following is a list of present PMA members who joined at the very beginning, or shortly after the PMA was formed:

Ross Davidson, April 1981

Andrew Skelton, June 1981

Katherine Wojtowich, Apr. 1982

Louise Sabourin, May 1982

Jim Thorsley, May 1982

David Wiseman, May 1982

Susan Grindrod, May 1982

Gail Hutchinson, May 1982

Jean Savage, May 1982

Merran Neville, Aug. 1982

Catherine Elliot Shaw, April 1983

Ida Kmiec, April 1983

Bruce Maslen , May 1983

Eva Placko, Nov. 1983

Peggy Wakabayashi, Oct. 1984

Charlotte McClellan, July 1984