January 28, 2021Events

PMA Friendship Fridays

30 minutes | Fridays at 12pm

June 25: Gardening

Looking forward to a summer in the backyard? Learn some tips and tricks to build your personal oasis at this month’s PMA event. Stephen Harrott of the Friends of Urban Agriculture London joins us to share some wisdom on how to make the most of your garden. Stephen will share his expertise to help take your garden to the next level, discussing everything from companion plants to trap crops. 

Friends of Urban Agriculture London are a network of local citizens passionate and dedicated to pushing the agenda of urban agriculture forward by engaging and empowering Londoners and advocating for local policy. FUAL is also a partner of Western University’s Experiential Learning team in supporting student engagement. 

Upcoming Sessions:

July: Cooking

August: Book Club

Session topics subject to change, based on scheduling and availability.