October 2, 2023Connect

PMA Retirement Gift Matching Program

At the 2013 PMA Annual General Meeting the membership approved a motion to provide retiring members with a gift entitlement up to $250.00. This amount can be applied towards an item purchased by the member.

Retiring members are asked to provide the completed application form, their letter from Human Resources confirming their retirement date, and the receipt for the purchase. To be eligible you must be a current dues-paying PMA member, having been a member for at least two years immediately preceding your retirement date.

This gift matching program is retroactive to January 1, 2013. If you are aware of PMA members from your department who have retired since January 2013 and have not taken advantage of this offer, please make them aware that they may be entitled to a retirement gift up to $250.00.

Please send documents or any questions to westernpma@uwo.ca.