EAP Resources

An Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) provides practical help for all of life’s challenges. We are excited to introduce a new Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), effective September 1, 2019.

All Western employees and their eligible family members have access to the program offered through Morneau Shepell, an industry-leading EFAP provider.  Confidential services are provided at no cost to Western employees.

Accessing EFAP   

EFAP service is available 24/7/365 in multiple locations. You can access the EFAP by phone and in-person in English and French, and in over 200 additional languages through a translator. You can also visit the EFAP website or use the My EAP app directly on your mobile device. With so many ways to access services, you can choose what suits you best!

Why EFAP?   

We know that when you and your family are well, you can bring your best self to work. EFAP is part of our efforts to continuously improve the programs we offer to support you and your family’s well-being. We are confident that Morneau Shepell will provide the support you need to balance the various stresses in your life.

About the new EFAP:   

All Western employees (regardless of contract status) and eligible family members (spouse and dependent children under 21, or up to 25 if still in school full time) have access at no cost to private and confidential services that address a broad spectrum of concerns, including:

  • Short-term professional counselling for personal and emotional issues
  • Work-life services including nutritional counselling, career counselling, legal support, health coaching, and child and eldercare resources
  • Online programs to assist with career challenges, managing stress, navigating finances and more.

Remember that the EFAP is one of the many programs Western offers to support your well-being. Learn more about Living Well @ Western here: https://www.uwo.ca/hr/safety/well_being

Counsellors can help employees and their dependants manage in areas such as:

  • Well-being: stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, mental health and aging and life transitions
  • Enhance relationships: effective communication, conflict resolution, marriage, separation and divorce, and parenting and family concerns
  • Overcome addictions: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet
  • Succeed at work: work-life balance, performance, workplace concerns
  • Child and eldercare resources: child care, resource kits, senior support programs and services, caregiver support
  • Financial advice: credit/debt management, personal budgeting and saving
  • Physical well-being: weight management, healthy eating, increased energy and positive lifestyle changes.


Contact Western Human Resources at 519-661-2194 or hrhelp@uwo.ca


Support is strictly confidential, call 1-844-880-9142 for assistance.