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Vacancies on PMA Committees

Current PMA Vacancies on University Committees:

Western Awards of Excellence Selection Committee

Members of the Western community submit their nominations for consideration for the Western Awards of Excellence. The Selection Committee then reviews all nominations and meets to decide who will receive the awards.

The committee will meet twice over the selection period. The first meeting is a 1-hour introductory meeting and the second is the selection meeting, where the members of the committee discuss the nominations and select the recipients. This meeting usually lasts 3-4 hours.

In addition to these 2 meetings, the time commitment would be to read through the nomination packages to select a “top 10” list to bring back to the committee for consideration. The time for this will vary by the number of nominations that are received and the detail that the individual committee member takes in reading through the packages. The selection committee is typically given several weeks to read through all of the packages and make their selections.

Here’s a link to the Awards of Excellence website:


Please email a letter of interest, including related experience to pmaoffice@uwo.ca, to apply.

PMA members at London Pride

Pride  Committee

Pride Committee is led by Equity & Human Rights Services and includes a number of stakeholders that contribute to planning Pride-related events during the month of July, culminating in Western’s participation in the annual Pride parade.

The primary role of the PMA member on this committee is to contribute to ideas for campus-based activities, encourage PMA member participation in planned activities (primarily by keeping the PMA office abreast of activities that need promoting), and procure candy for distribution along the parade route (provided the PMA Executive agrees to this contribution).

Depending on the activities, you may be asked to take on additional tasks as needed; this would largely be based on your interest and/or connections. Time commitment for this committee is fairly minimal. Typically the committee meets monthly between late March/early April and the end of July. Meetings are typically scheduled for 1 to 1.5 hours. 

Committee members shall provide a brief written summary of each meeting to the PMA Executive within 2 weeks following each meeting. Additionally, committee members shall provide an annual summary of committee activities for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), submitted to the PMA office 1 month prior to the AGM

If you are interested in representing the PMA on the Pride Committee, please submit a written expression of interest via email outlining related experience and skills.

If you have additional questions about this role or the skills required, or would like to apply, please reach out to Rebecca Ashworth, the PMA Membership Services Co-Ordinator.