Dr. Ivan Joseph: Success, Self-Confidence, and Performance

Success begins and ends with self-confidence. Your belief in yourself is the foundation for thriving, achieving your dreams, and unlocking your potential. With self-confidence, you live the happy, inspired, connected life you deeply desire.
As an award-winning coach and PhD sports psychologist, Dr. Ivan Joseph has focused on understanding the skill of self-confidence. He has developed, applied, and refined dozens of techniques that lead to high performance and excellence.
In this energizing and motivational talk, you’ll learn the secrets Joseph used to help individuals and teams reach goals they never thought possible. Humour, visualization, and immersive activities keep everyone engaged and create a memorable experience.

You’ll learn practical techniques to:
• Develop and sustain self-confidence, especially in times of adversity.
• Promote self-confidence in your team and others.
• Use the power of positive self-talk and setting higher expectations.

Audiences will leave with a renewed sense of self-confidence and belief in themselves, inspired to overcome challenges and ready to accelerate their performance!